Company’s pilot showroom

The space is the pilot showroom for the firm Scott USA.

The assignment involved two rooms: the first, symbolically titled “Software” has products of a “smaller“ nature (clothing, strips, accessories) and the second sector, titled “Hardware” – containing products for which the firm is better known such as bicycles and their accessories, skis, snowboards, goggles etc.

The concept of the presented interior is based on the newly vested space, by locating it in a historical environment with chaotic arches intersecting at the meeting point of two houses. The basic idea was to respect the space’s character and the distinct curves of the arches, but in a shifted aesthetical meaning.

The shape of the space and its dynamics is defined by the material Barrisol (white, matt, gloss and transparent), stretched into AL profiles, forming an atypical construction. This thorough usage of Barrisol, in essence, deals with the entire space. The floor is made of dural plate and a carpet with a clearly visible continuous structure. The presently remaining walls are only given a surface treatment and painted.

The interior is supplemented by a subtle stainless steel shelving system and a stainless steel counter with a display case. The windows are used as light boxes, conveying visual information (varying in regular time periods).