Reconstruction and interior „a parlour with a fresco“

The bathroom’s space creates a dispositional bay “a parlour with a fresco”, which is a component of the president’s offices.

The newly inserted functions (shower, WC, wash basin) make up a large amount of objects that cannot be organically incorporated into the small historical room which has fragments of graffito and wall paintings. For this reason a contrasting solution was chosen a “new formation”, which quite clearly defines the new function and forms; an integrated object that is solved more in a functional manner. The quality of the craftsman’s work and the architectural detail must become a partner to the historical environs. At the same time the forms, using rounded symmetrical lines, further support the authenticity of the inserted content.

Contrarily the stowage space for clothing and hygienic needs is incorporated into the double doors between the saloon and the bathroom, which are designed as a copy of the existing historical doors. The door to the stowage spaces copies the morphology of the varnished, panelled doors.