Prague 4, Vídeňská 1084

The stairway’s area makes up the main horizontal and vertical communications node throughout the new building of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Science.

In an attempt to illuminate the entire space with skylights the stairway is designed with a very light construction complemented by glass landings and rails.

The stringers are from plate steel cut by water jet into a wrapped shape complemented with treads from stainless steel poro-grill. The poro-grill is also used to fill in the landings and parts of the surface by the lifts.

The main landing by the lifts is glass and lies on the extended construction of the stairway and the cross elements with the same diameter as the stairway. The stairs are printed with an anti-slip graphic grid.

The rails are made of parallel vertical stainless steel strings in lines following the stair steps, complemented by a stainless steel banister and parts of formed glass. The strings are anchored into the building’s construction and are stretched by tensioners located in the floor of the basement.