The interior of the sports supplies unit is located in a newly constructed complex Dynamica/Waltrovka. The entire area of 1500m2 is divided into the main shopping showroom and service with adjoined facilities with 1000m2 and 500m2 respectively. Since the showroom and service are supporting multiple brands focusing primarily on mountain related sports, we tried to accommodate the interior accordingly. The whole interior is loosely drawing its inspiration from the mirrored mountain landscape. Stylized peaks which are growing from the ceiling are accompanied by a composition of lit up racks, whose the graphical silhouette is complementing the symbolism of mountain massifs. Deliberately toned down colour palette of greys and browns is allowing the products to draw the attention through their intrinsic colourfulness. Skis and bicycles are displayed on a set of platforms fringing the outer facade of the unit. Remaining products are displayed on mobile racks whos morphology is derived from the rest of the interior. Counters and various stylized wooden logs hiding storage spaces complete with "Slatwall" a typified wall cladding system allowing product being showcased off walls. Ultimately the use of carpet on many surfaces is allowing the otherwise extensive space to have an overall soft feel.