adaptation of the bus interior

Prague, June 27.2012 - Unusual Cafe in in the DARK, into which flows through thousands of people every year, goes into the world. Historically, the first obscured bus, in which blind people can prepare blacker than black coffee and become your eyes for a moment.

"On board you will see the world with new eyes. Just have to lead and to trust those who are thoroughly familiarized with darkness. Team of blind waiters you settle into one of six “coupe” and before they bring your coffee, you can discover organic shapes in which you reside. Each cupe is upholstered with a different material structure. Orientation in the blackness of space is possible only by touch. Soon you will discover that the world under cover of darkness can be surprisingly affectionate, full of sensations, feelings, inspirations, "said Martin Kaderková, director of Czech Radio foundation.

We tried to create a whole new surprising world inside the bus interior. Interior with the ability to orient oneself only by touch in space completely shrouded in darkness.

Even assuming that the space will be mostly work in the dark, for some selected events light up the interior and apply in full color.

Rounded shape creates a system of cubicles where visitors will be listed, settled and served by blind people.

Due to the simple orientation for staff and visitors, each of the individual cubicle upholstered other materials. Orientation in space is perhaps only by touch.

The entire interior of the bus program is complemented by space background, preparation, kitchen, storage areas, which are mostly dealt with atypical built joinery products.