film production offices

Predominantly, the area is designed with the application of atypical furniture - cabinets, racks, tables, reception, cutter´s workplace, etc.

The predominant materials include a painted MDF and polished stainless steel sheet metal.

Between the lockers in the office section into the courtyard, there are atypical planters with a surface finish of stainless steel sheet metal. From the planters, stainless steel ropes for the growth of climbing plants are leading to the ceiling.

The area of the conference room is delimited by glass partition walls. The material of the glass elements is 12mm green-coloured glass CONNEX.

Some elements of the atyp. interior (for example, the cutter´s workplace, reception, the wall in the rest room) will contain elements of the diode illumination. Into the cutter´s workplace, integrated is the outfall of the fan-coil exhausts and air conditioning system.