company exhibition stand

The Barrisol stand was created at the direct request of the company CS Lyon Praha s.r.o., which has exclusive distribution rights for this material in the Czech Republic, and also can produce custom-made products and supply full service.

The inspiration, at least at the outset, was nature and its biological forms and structures, followed by the use of new technologies, 3D computer modeling and eventual generation in 2D form, which served as the direct basis for manufacturing.

The stand should be adaptable to various uses, easily dissembled and usable at various events. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities of this material – whether in exact flat surfaces (where its use is most widespread, usually as a surface for baths and pools), as well as the elegance of creating warped surfaces defined by unusual lines, and even a certain element of surprise created from the mutual balance of all forces active in the stretched covering. Furthermore, the stand presents the diversities of type for this material -transparent, matte and glossy. For this project, 2 colours were used, white and green.

The stand is 10 m long, 5 m wide and 6 m high. It is formed from a delicate steel structure with transverse girders, where the interior lighting is located. The material Barrisol is pinned into regular aluminium frames, which just as in the Scott showroom are used atypically. This means that in several 3D aspects they are slightly deformed. In the interests of cleanliness, the floor is composed of aluminium plates without any surface treatment.