Competition_The Embassy of the Czech Republic

We propose a uniquely shaped building with a diplomatic purpose and in the context of a large park and major metropolis.

A three-story embassy building of this type is, in our opinion, optimum for this location. The choice of a striking triangular roof creates large indoor spaces at the entry points and representational space, and also gives the building a strong unifying element indicative to a certain extent of a classical building. The shape partially follows the lines of the surrounding trees and woods.

A specific method was used for designing the consular division, consisting of an indoor, fully isolated atrium, accessible by a corridor from the street. The visitor is therefore not dependent on using a “side entrance” but may relax in a kind of inner patio complete with vegetation and sitting area, without requiring any direct contact with the embassy.

The rooftop is (can be) covered with photovoltaic panels for producing electricity and with tubular solar panels for heating up service water.

The beige brickwork system of parallel irregular foundation walls divide and organize the external and internal disposition of the building. These thick walls are also used as a thermal basin for reducing internal temperature fluctuation (with the anticipated use of a hot-air heating system with heat recovery.)

An inner conical atrium penetrates the building, allowing better illumination of the layout and giving the interior of the representation space an interesting natural feature, which can be opened up as a part of them.