Competition_Vertical spa

The vertical spa is situated next to Coliseum at the very prominent place to become a new landmark of Rome. The shape of the building is derived from the Roman architecture symbol - classical fluted column /capital-shaft-base/.

The base comes from the fluid form of water as a symbol of the spa in general. Visitors have an access to the building via ramps. The longest one could be used by disabled people. Staff has an access from the parking area level.
There are entrance hall with reception, short course and heated pools, dressing rooms with the lockers placed in the „base “part of the building. Each floor of the „shaft“ part consists of the same program for spa: saunas, massage rooms, rest areas, tubs, baths, cafeterias and skybar. All typical floors are designed as open space. Each segment of the floorplan has different use and is marked with a different color of the floor and ceiling.

The top of the building /capital/ is occupied with the skybar and the garden.