new build house

The plot of land is marked by its sharp southwards slope and its limited access with complicated bends, which also place a limit on the building’s height level. On the land are several notable mature trees. The house is inspired by the proportions of traditional vernacular rural building without inhabited attic spaces, i.e. without a need to insert windows into the roof surface. The living area is above the bedroom section, using the interior space of the entire attic, designed without any ribbands, only with the aid of steel beams. Likewise, the slope is used for dividing the house into two parts: a firm stone plinth underlying the lighter wooden section with a peaked roof at a pitch of 45°. Both sections are shifted against each other – also following the slope of the ground.

The house is placed on a lengthwise axis, running parallel with the contour lines, also to ensure that the complicated access from the main road did not require extensive landscaping modifications. The wooden section is covered with vertical-positioned ceder boards. The sharply peaked roof is covered in copper sheeting. The windows are entirely framed in wood, with ceder surrounds. Solid exterior surfaces are of solid wood, smooth or sanded concrete, and freely set stone flagging with wide gaps. The semi-cellar area containing rooms is formed partially by the supporting reinforced-concrete wall and part by masonry. From the exterior, the walls are clad with coarse-cut slate.