new build house

The proposal is based on these assumptions and instructions:

_a traditional, country-style house _ main living area on the ground level _attic only for partial (future) use _achieving the effect of a “traditional” microclimate in the interior of the house

An important decision for the concept of the house is to divide the structure into two parts (the main building and the “barn”, which are loosely associated with each other), connected by an entirely glassed-in neck and, together with the supporting wall, create an inner courtyard. The supporting wall logically came about as the result of leveling the terrain to match the entrance level and is interspersed with a staircase leading to the upper part of the garden. Part of the courtyard is grassed, part of it consists of a wooden terrace and part of the paved walkways line the perimeter walls. The inspiration for the basic shape of the new building is more of an economic type of historic building (the barn), which offers some proportion in the transition to contemporary, different requirements (such as the ones for larger windows and a larger number of rooms with demands for good daylight and making direct access to the site possible). It involves sustaining a simple, traditional design with proportions and a certain natural beauty that has been validated by centuries of repeated, evolutionary refinement. In addition to its basic shape, the inspiration has been transformed into windows, shutters and doors designed from the ground floor up to the eaves, which interrupt a continuous wall surface with no visible lintel and thus quiets (simplifies) the façade.